Toby's July 2020 Home, Lawn & Garden Tips:

for the best Home, Lawn & Garden

Toby has spent his entire adult life learning the best way to have the very best home, lawn, garden, and so much more.
Each month he puts together a new list of tips to help you with a plan that will ensure you keep everything up-to-date and going great.

Check back here every month for the very best tips, advice on how to do it right, and what to do!



  • Keep mower blades sharp. On average the mower blades should be sharpened every 10 hours of use. Mow fescue and bluegrass as high as the mower will set…3 – 3 1/2 inches. Mow zoysia at 1 ½ - 2 inches.
  • Sprinkler systems: turn system on and check every zone once a month. I’m always surprised the number of systems that don’t operate properly (no need to water the street). If you have a problem, call the best for repairs: ProH20, Inc. 913-681-2798 or for a new sprinkler system: Lawn Masters System 913-967-6910.
  • If not done in June apply Hummert Grub Control with Mallet by July 15 to prevent white grub damage. If you have had a flea, tick or chigger problem use Bayer Complete Insect Killer. It will control grubs, fleas, ticks, chiggers, and a host of other insects.
  • Fescue lawns: Brown Patch disease. Final application of Hummert T-Methyl or Eagle granular fungicide. See my lawn program for complete instructions.
  • For information on fertilizing, weed and insect control, mowing, and watering fescue, bluegrass, or zoysia lawns visit Toby’s Summer Lawn Program.


Trees & Shrubs

  • ALWAYS PLAN BEFORE PLANTING: If you are going to plant trees or shrubs this fall, call Rick Barrett, Landscape Architect, 913-362-1200 for a landscape consultation. Rick will come to your home and recommend the best plants for your particular situation.
  • During dry periods, newly planted trees and shrubs should be watered once a week. Trees and shrubs planted within the last 3 to 5 years should be watered every other week during dry periods.
  • Check mulch around all plantings. Heavy rains could have washed out some of your mulched beds. To help conserve water re-mulch plants if needed.
  • Watch for spider mite damage, especially on Burning Bush (Euonymus Alatus), Alberta Spruce, and Juniper Evergreens. Leaves may be speckled above and yellowed below. Evergreen needles appear dull gray-green to yellow brown. To prevent spider mite damage use Monterey Horticultural Oil. If heavy infestation, spray with spectracide triazicide. Be sure to spray the underside of the leaves.
  • Be on the lookout for bagworms. They hatched late this year. For young bagworms use Monterey Spinosad Garden Insect Spray. Bagworms larger than ¾ inch use spectracide triazicide.
  • Continue to apply Mushroom Stuff around newly planted trees and shrubs.


Vegetables & Fruits

  • Prepare for fall gardening, plant:
    Beans – Bush 7/25-8/10
    Beets 8/1-8/10
    Broccoli (plants) 7/25-8/5
    Brussels Sprouts (plants) 7/25-730
    Cabbage (plants) 7/20-8/5
    Carrot 7/25-7/30
    Cauliflower (plants) 7/20-8/5
    Kohlrabi 7/25-8/5
    Lettuce – Leaf 8/1-8/20
    Lettuce – Butterhead 8/1-8/10
    Mustard 8/1-8/30
    Radish 8/1-8/20
    Spinach 8/1-8/20
    Turnip 7/20-8/15
  • Tomatoes: To control septoria leaf spot and early blight, spray weekly with Copper Fungicide until August 1. Be sure to spray the underside of the leaves.
  • Apply application of Hummert Flower & Garden Fertilizer with Nutri-Life on tomatoes and other garden plants. Tomatoes and other plants grown in containers should be fertilized every two weeks with Dyna Green Sure Bloom.
  • Dig potatoes when the vines are about half dead. Plant fall potatoes by July 15.
  • Harvest onions when about half of the tops have fallen over.
  • Repeat planting of sweet corn until July 20 to extend the season.
  • Gardens need 1 ½ inch of water per week. Water early in the day to help prevent disease.
  • Raspberry plants fruit on one-year-old canes. Remove old canes after harvest.


Annuals, Perennial Flowers & Ornamental Grasses

  • Continue to pinch back new growth on mums until July 15.
  • Divide Bearded Iris last week in July. First week in August. Dividing iris every 3 to 5 years will increase flowering.
  • Lots of problems with Squash Bugs -- Use Monterey Spinosad Garden Insect Spray. Spray well on the underside of the leaves.
  • Annual Flowers will produce more new blooms if you remove old spent flowers. No need to deadhead Impatiens and Periwinkle.
  • Great time to buy Daylilies. They are in bloom now so you can pick your favorite colors.
  • Fertilize annual flowers monthly with Hummert Flower & Garden Fertilizer with Nutri-Life or Dyna Green Sure Bloom Liquid Fertilizer. Flowers growing in containers should be fertilized every week with Dyna Green Sure Bloom. Potted plants require more fertilizer because nutrients are removed with each watering.
  • To keep most flowers blooming well, deadhead (remove) old spent flowers.
  • I'm a tidy freak, so I like to lightly trim perennial flowers that have finished blooming, except Purple Coneflower, the Goldfinch birds love the seed.
  • Deadhead Perennials that have finished blooming.
  • Clean weeds from beds and apply Easy Gardner Weedblock Pre-Emergent Weed Preventer to keep them from coming back. Weedblock is available at all Hummert Dealers.



  • Don't forget the Birds -- during hot dry weather they need fresh water.
  • Pets: this is the time of the year where your pets can pick up lots of ticks and other insects. Be sure you schedule a visit to the vet and keep those pets healthy.
  • Now is a good time to get those painting projects done. Check out our video library for great tips on prep, painting techniques and much more!


House & Home Tips

  • Oil spots on driveway? Best product I’ve seen in a long time – Pour-n-Restore. Pour on oil spot (it looks like cake batter) let dry and then sweep off. Oil spot will be gone. THIS STUFF WORKS !!!
  • Check air pressure monthly in tires for better gas mileage.
  • Clean or replace furnace filter.
  • Check my blog for monthly washer and dishwasher maintenance recommendations.
  • Clean filter of any window unit air conditioner.
  • Check batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Check roofs for loose or missing shingles from our recent storms.
  • A crumpled wad of newspaper is the best window polisher that you can find after washing the panes.
  • Now is a good time for the semi-annual cleaning of refrigerator coils.