Toby's April 2015 Lawn Program

What To Do:

• Apply Hummert Dimension Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control with Fertilizer (IF NOT DONE IN MARCH)

• Apply Broadleaf Weed Control (if needed)

• Apply Earthright – Soil Conditioner Double Rate the 1st application – 1 qt. 5,000 sq. ft. This will crumble clay 2 – 2 ½ feet deep. Then normal rate once every spring and fall – 1 qt. 10,000 sq.ft.

What You'll Need:

Hummert Dimension Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control
Hummert Dimension Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control
Earth Right
Earth Right

Our thick clay soils in this part of the country make it hard for water to penetrate the soil and for roots in out lawn to grow deeper. Toby recommends Earth Right. It’s an all natural product that helps break down the clay and turn it into healthy soil. All you have to do is hose it in once each season and you’ll have a better draining, healthier lawn!

Gordon’s Speed Zone Weed Killer

There are hundreds of weed killers on the market and many of them work well. Gordon’s Speed Zone is the weed control that Toby has been recommending for many years. You can use it in conjunction with lawn seed, it is highly effective on a large variety of weeds and is readily available nationwide. We know Gordon’s Speed Zone works well so we don’t like to take a lot of risks with chemicals – so we stick with the best.

Gordon’s Spreader Sticker

Gordon’s Spreader Sticker gives you much more bang for your buck in combination with chemicals you spray in your lawn. Toby recommends adding Spreader Sticker to outdoor insecticides, weed control, etc. By adding Spreader Sticker your chemicals will adhere better to the plant and be water fast. The chemical will last longer and be much more effective when you add just a tablespoon per gallon of Spreader Sticker to your pump sprayer mix.

April Watering Instructions

  • • March: 1” of water every other week
    • April/May: 1” of water per week

    Water early in the morning, stopping about
    2:00pm in the afternoon. Avoid watering
    late in the day. This can promote lawn diseases.

April Mowing Instructions

  • Mowing frequency and height directly affect the health
    and quality of a lawn. Mowing a lawn too short or not
    often enough can cause water problems and even death to the grass. It does not hurt newly sprouted grass
    to be walked on or mowed. So start
    mowing when established grass needs it.

    • Never mow when grass blades are wet.

    • Mowing height for bluegrass:
    March – April 2 ½ to 3”
    May 3 to 3 ½”
    • Mowing height for fescue:
    March - April 3”
    May 3 ½”
    • Never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade. If a mowing is missed; set the mower as high as it will go, then lower and mow again in a couple of days.
    • There is no need to bag or rake grass clippings as long as the grass is mowed often. Short grass clippings decay quickly and re-cycle nutrients back to the soil.
    • Use a different mowing pattern each mowing.
    • Sharpen and balance mower blades every 6 to 8 mowings.
    • June, July, August: mow bluegrass and fescue as high as the mower will go (or set).

Toby Quick Tip:

Change Your Furnace Filter:

A clogged up furnace filter will shut down your entire system, lead to a dustier home and greatly decrease the efficiency and life of your heating and cooling system. Change your furnace filter at least every 90 days. If you have people who suffer allergies in your home you may want to change it as frequently as monthly.

Be sure to check to make sure you are placing the filter in the proper direction for air flow.

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