August Lawn Program

What To Do:

  • Water, Water & More Water
  • This is also the time of year where we run across Sodwebworms, Fleas, Ticks and Chiggers. Use Cyfluthrin or Deltamethrin when needed.

Want a Green Summer Lawn?

Lawns require 1 to 1-1/2 inches of water per week. The higher the temperature the more water will be needed.

  • Only water when the lawn shows a need; such as a blue purple color, folded or rolled grass blades or a footprint that doesn’t spring back.
  • Water early in the day: 5am to 10am. Watering after 3pm or later can cause lawn diseases.
  • Lawns in the sun will have to be watered more often than lawns in the shade
  • Apply 3/4 to 1 inch of water each watering
  • If water puddles or runs off, move sprinklers more frequently

What You'll Need:


Toby Quick Tip:

Check Your Mower Height:

You want to mow lower in the Spring to cut off that top layer of dormant grass as well as allowing the sun to warm the early roots of new grass.

Mowing higher in the hotter months helps protect the roots from drying out and will give you a thicker healthier lawn. Check my lawn program for proper mowing height by season

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