Tips From Toby – Spring Mowing 101

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When Lawn season kicks off it can be fun to get back out and mow (maybe once or twice!) but then it becomes work. It’s very easy to want to cut the grass low (thinking it will not grow back as fast) or mow when the grass is wet. These are all mistakes that can kill out a lawn or leave you with weeds. Toby shows you mowing essentials to make your work a lot easier and your lawn beautiful!

Just a quick drive around town and we are seeing many mistakes when it comes to mowing. Leaving big dead clumps on top of the grass, mowing when wet, and most importantly, mowing way too low. Even though are lawns are growing fast and may even need two mowings per week right now - mowing too short will lead to big problems that include killing out the grass, improper root development and making room for lots of weeds. Even if you've been mowing your whole life, it's a good idea to check out these tips and make sure you know the how, what, when and why to mowing properly. It will make a huge difference!